How to Navigate this Documentation

This documentation can be navigated using the Table of Contents on the left side of the documentation. Clicking on each chapter title will reveal the sections within that chapter. The documentation is divided into five chapters:

Table 0.1: Name and Description of each chapter in this documentation
Chapter Description
About QRP Report Details regarding the features and outputs of the QRP Reporting Tool
Getting Started Technical Requirements and instructions on setting up and running the QRP Reporting Tool
Input Files Descriptions of each QRP Reporting Tool input file and their parameters
Table Lookup Files Descriptions of each QRP Reporting Tool Table Lookup File
Figure Lookup Files Descriptions of each QRP Reporting Tool Figure Lookup File
References References cited throughout this documentation
Appendices Additional reference material, including a history of modifications of QRP Report

For a list of inputfiles and a brief description of each, see Table 3.1: Input Files.


While table names, variables, and variable values are capitalized throughout this documentation for emphasis, to ensure compatibility on all operating systems, all filenames used in Sentinel Routine Querying Package files should be lowercase.