2.3 Master Program Parameters

Table 2.2: List and description of parameters used for program set-up
Parameter Field Name Description
Path name for input data folder DATAROOT The root location of the files returned by the distributed component of the request that serve as the input analytic files for running the local tool.
Note 1: subfolders within this location should have folder structure: [version]/[DP]/MSOC/
Note 2: leave blank if the parameter PATH is specified for all Data Partners included in the DPINFOFILE.
Format: Alphanumeric
Example: /apps/socrequests/public_mp11r_wp001_synpufs_v01/createreport/data/
Location of qrp_report package REPORTROOT Location of local request root directory.
Format: Alphanumeric
Example: /apps/socrequests/public_mp11r_wp001_synpufs_v01/createreport/
Path for identifying input files INFOLDER Location of input files for distributed component of request.
Format: Alphanumeric
Example: /apps/socrequests/packages/public_mpl1r_wp001_synpufs_v01/inputfiles/
Name of SAS input file to define report parameters CREATEREPORTFILE Name of the SAS input file for CREATEREPORTFILE.
Format: Alphanumeric
Example: create_report