3.1 Data Partner Info File

The Data Partner Info File is required for execution of the Reporting Tool. The file enables users to specify the Data Partners or sites to be included in the report. This file should contain 1 row per Data Partner or site to be included. Table 3.2 contains detailed specifications for this file.

Table 3.2: DPINFOFILE specification
Parameter Field Name Description
Data Partner Abbreviation DP Abbreviation for each Data Partner or site to be included in report.
Note 1: this field cannot be left blank.
Format: SAS character $6.
Example: synpuf
Full Name of Data Partner DPNAME Full name of Data Partner to be reported in footnote indicating the included Data Partners in Appendix A (Dates of Available Data for Each Data Partner).
Format: SAS character $150
Example: Medicare Synthetic Public Use Files
Database Name DATABASE Name of database to be reported in all table titles and figure titles (will appear in titles as: “…in the [DATABASE] from [Query Start] to [Query End]”). If DATABASE value is repeated across rows, the database name will be deduplicated and listed in the title only once.
Note 1: if left blank, DATABASE will default to “Sentinel Distributed Database”.
Note 2: if multiple databases are listed, they will be included in the titles as a list—e.g., “Database A, Database B, and Database C”.
Format: SAS character—length can vary
Example: Medicare Synthetic Public Use Files
Alternate Data Location Filepath PATH Custom file path of the folder containing DP data, if not using the standard SOC folder structure (in DATAROOT Description).
Format: SAS character $30
Example: C:/data/synpuf/msoc
Data Partner Inclusion Indicator INCLUDEDP Indicator for inclusion/exclusion of DP in report.
Valid values are:
  • Y: Include DP in report
  • N: Do not include DP in report
Format: SAS character $1
Example: Y