5.4 Type 4 Level 2 Figure File Lookup Table Parameters

The Type 4 Level 2 Figure File lookup table is optional to be specified for a Type 4 Level 2 analysis. All lookup tables can be found in the Reporting Tool templatefiles folder. The user will download the Reporting Tool, select the Type 4 Level 2 Figure File lookup table, and edit the relevant parameters directly in the lookup table.

The Figure File is used to specify which figures to produce in the report. Figures can be output for overall analyses as well as any subgroup analyses, if specified. Note that only one Figure File that includes all requested output should be specified. Table 5.10 contains detailed specifications for the Figure File for an L2 analysis (figures cannot be output for a Type 4 L1 analysis).

Two figures can be requested, as indicated by the FIGURE parameter in the Figure File:

  • F1: Propensity Score Histogram
  • F2: Forest Plots

LEVELNUM specifies the number of level ID variables required in order to produce the figure. For example, if LEVELNUM = 1, then the output defined in LEVELID1 is required to be included in the distributed results, but the output defined in LEVELID2 and LEVELID3 is optional and not necessary to output the figure.

Table 5.9: Type 4 Figure File Look-up Table Values for All Figures for a Level 2 Analysis
Figure Dataset Figuresub Levelnum Levelid1 Levelid2 Levelid3 Includeinreport Xmin Xmax Xtick Ymin Ymax Ytick Includeatrisktable Censordisplay
F1 overall 0 N N
F2 overall 0 N N
Table 5.10: T4L2FIGUREFILE specification
Parameter Field Name Description
Include in Report INCLUDEINREPORT Indicator to output the corresponding figure in the report.
Valid values are:
  • Y: Output the figure
  • N: Do not output the figure
Format: SAS character $1
Example: Y